The 2020 Jeep Cherokee is a mid-size, two-row SUV that is offers plenty of room for five passengers. As far as size is concerned, the Cherokee is about in the middle of the pack of the Jeep line-up. Let's see how the Jeep Cherokee compares to the other Jeeps currently being offered.


The Renegade is the smallest vehicle in the Jeep lineup with a total length of 167 inches. The width of the Renegade is listed at 74 inches with a total height of 67 inches. This puts the Renegade in the compact SUV segment.


The Compass comes in a little longer than the Renegade with a total length of 173 inches. The width of the Compass is rated at 74 inches with a total height of 65 inches. While the Compass is longer than the Renegade, the Renegade is a couple of inches taller.


The Wrangler comes in several configurations, giving it a large variety of lengths. The Wrangler can vary in size from 167 to 188 inches in length. The width of the vehicle is rated at 74 inches with a height of 74 inches. These measurements can place the Wrangler in the compact, small and mid-size size category.


The Cherokee has an overall length of 182 inches. The vehicle's width can range from 73 to 75 inches. Finally, the height of the vehicle can range from 66 to 68 inches. This puts the Cherokee squarely in the mid-size segment.

Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is the Cherokee's larger sibling with an overall length of 189 to 191 inches. The width of the Grand Cherokee is rated at 77 inches. The height ranges from 68 to 69 inches. This makes the Grand Cherokee a mid-size SUV.


The Jeep Gladiator is a full-size pick-up truck with a length of 218 inches. The width is rated at 74 inches with a height of 75 to 76 inches.

You can take a test drive of the 2020 Jeep Cherokee at King Auto Center in Lihue, HI. Be sure to ask about the dealership's available purchase and lease incentives.

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